Commissions Info!

Prices are negotiable and depend on each specific request, as certain requests take more or less time to do. The image above is the ballpark you’d be working with, the general rule of thumb being that the more complex the project, the longer it takes, the more it costs. I do want to say, though, that I will not work for anything under my region’s minimum wage. But you don’t have to have anything set in stone to talk to me. I’m happy to chat and see what we can work out. 😀

Can’t afford a Commission but want to support?

Yeah, money’s fake. Totally fake. The mons, the myth, the legend. Especially when it comes to something as high-profile and time-consuming as a full commission. But maybe you still wanna help out so I can keep creating, and it’s kinda people like you that make the world so happy and creative. So if you wanna make a small donation, nice! Thanks for being a wonderful person and supporting creators, even if it’s not just me ^^

Can’t support me monetarily? Completely valid.

Reblogging and sharing with your friends helps wonders. Really. It spreads my name and gets me noticed, so I have a wider audience and more possibilities for a wider range of work. Money isn’t everything, and I’m so grateful for any support you can offer. It means the world to me.